1) 建築物必須蓋得緊密

2) 蓋防禦塔時記得,射程範圍不只要涵蓋一般建物,也要保護到其他座塔。以5等城堡的防禦為例,在一座弩弓塔樓的兩側各蓋一座投石車砲台,同時,在弩弓塔樓的範圍內設置弓箭手塔樓。如此一來,短射程的塔樓便能抵抗短距離和長距離的敵軍攻擊。


3) 在稍後期,某些英雄的能力會對排列太過緊密的建築造成威脅。

4) 如果你囤積了資源,尤其是石頭,那你遲早會被攻打。因此,想好你想要升級的項目,每次只囤積一種資源。舉例來說,如果你正在存木頭,那在你登出前盡可能的花光你的石頭和食物,要花石頭可以升級你的城牆,至於食物,只要產兵夠用,剩下的可以花在蓋房子或是一些榮譽裝飾品,甚至是只搜索敵人不打人也能花掉食物。記得留下一個工人空位,以便建造榮譽裝飾品或是升級城牆。

e) Available loot depends on your crowns, specifically the crown difference between you and the attacker. Keep this in mind. One way to do this is, when you are skeptical of being attacked, is to choose higher crowned players in the hope that they won't find your resources too tempting if the available loot is too little. This has the downside of the possibility of your castle getting wiped out for a 100% loss if the defendant chooses to revenge you. Another way is to drop crowns artificially.

f) If there's a particular resource you care about then make those resource containers your most defended structure and move out your keep to a less defended place (not completely undefended). Hopefully attackers would not take the pain of getting to your most protected area once your keep is down, and you will get a nice peace treaty. 

g) Try to keep gates upgrade more than walls because 1. many attackers go for the gates and 2.. rams automatically target them. 

z) Please do not try to stay online using artificial means. It's not fun. You don't get imaginary in-game gold for staying on top of the leaderboards, let alone real gold. So no point in ruining your own fun and others' too. Also, if you get caught (which almost always happens), you'll lose your entire progress.