"Armies often camped outside major settlements to rest and replenish their stocks before marching to battle."


  • Army camps train and house your troops. Building and upgrading them increases the size of your army. Army camps do NOT take part in the battle when your castle is under attack.
  • The number of army camps is limited by the level of the Keep. One army camp is available right away, the second when the Keep reaches age II, the third one after the age V and the fourth at age VI.
Level Camp Capacity Total Capacity Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 6 Army Camp Space 6 Total Capacity 300 Food 10s Age01
2 8 Army Camp Space 16 Total Capacity 2,000 Food 1h 30m Age02
3 10 Army Camp Space 20 Total Capacity 4,250 Food 3h Age03
4 12 Army Camp Space 24 Total Capacity 14,000 Food 15h Age04
5 13 Army Camp Space 39 Total Capacity 45,000 Food 1d 12h Age05
6 14 Army Camp Space 56 Total Capacity 180,000 Food 3d Age06
7 16 Army Camp Space 64 Total Capacity 575,000 Food 5d 6 h Age07
8 17 Army Camp Space 68 Total Capacity 900,000 Food 7d 12h Age08
9 18 Army Camp Space 72 Total Capacity 2,250,000 Food 10d Age09

Units Spear infantry level03 Infantry level03 Raiders level03 Ladder infantry level03 Shortbow archers level03 Archers level03 Heavy cavalry level03 Ram level03 Siege tower level01 Catapult level03 Trebuchet level02 Grenadier level01 Longbowmen level03 Cheirosiphon level03 Knight templar level03 Raiders muscovoy level03 Mamluk level03 Teutonic knight level03
Army Camp Space 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

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