"The 22nd and longest-serving of the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, Winrich fought in Lithuania and Livonia."


  • Winrich's Rake special ability sends a deadly barrage of crossbow fire over a wide area (drag the Ability button onto the desired target or spot on the ground).
  • Needs to get in close directly in front of target. Cannot attack a tower with a wall in front of it.


  • Winirch is one of the best heroes to use. He can wipe out towers and building within a 2 tile radius from his target. Make sure he has a clear path to his target and use him to destroy clumped towers, emplacements and even guardhouses within range.
等級 生命值 攻擊 每秒傷害 恢復時間 升級成本 升級時間 能力
1 8,000 Health 320 DPS 127 DPS 6小時 Trainning Time 3,500 Flag t N/A x1 DPS
2 9,200 Health 368 DPS 147 DPS 7小時 Trainning Time 7,500 Flag t 2天 x2 DPS
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