A picturesque keep with honor items. Are there traps?

Honor are decoration objects. The only purpose of them is to decorate your castle. They do not produce ressources or participate in defenses.

  • Units can be placed upon decorations, there is no protection area around them.

Icons Description

Shelve Tapping this icon puts the selected decoration into your shelve.

Decoration Image Cost Number Available Requirements
Heroic Statue
Vanity statue N/A 1 Log in with a device or PC running WIndows 10
Scarecrow 125 Wood 3 -
Torch 150 Food 10 -

Weurope flower small

Neurope flower small

Mideast flower small

175 Wood 10 -
Weather Vane
Weathervane 4,000 Wood 4 Level 4 keep
Battle Flag
Flag triangle 5,000 Food 6 Level 4 keep

Weurope flower big

Neurope flower big

Mideast flower big

6,000 Wood 5 Level 4 keep
Commemorative Tree
Reward tree 7,000 Food 1 Complete the first two levels of "Scholar" objectives
Reward fountain 15,000 Wood 1 Complete the first two levels of "Age Up!" objectives
Reward book 18,000 Wood 1 Complete the first two levels of "Castle Defender" objectives
Flag rectangle 60,000 Food 1 Level 6 keep
Well 70,000 Wood 2 Level 6 keep

Weurope flag banner

Neurope flag banner

Mideast flag banner

80,000 Food 3 Level 6 keep
Reward small statue 250,000 Food 1 Complete all three levels of "Forging an Emperor" objectives

Weurope tree

Neurope tree

Mideast tree

350,000 Wood 4 Level 8 keep
Gilded Statue
Reward big statue 400,000 Food 1 Complete all three levels of "Age Up!" objectives
Flag of Argentina
Flag argentina level01 250 Gold 1 -
Flag of Brazil
Flag brazil level01 250 Gold 1 -
Heroic Flag
Flag helmet level01 1,000 Gold 1 -
Cleverly Cat Flag
Flag cat level01 1,000 Gold 1 -
Skull & Crossed Swords
Flag pirate level01 2,500 Gold 1 -

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