"At inception, diplomatic missions were temporary in nature. As empires and trade expanded, permanent embassies began to be established."


  • The embassy unlocks access to wonders if you are in an alliance. Higher level embassies unlock the ability to upgrade a wonder's level. Your Emperor must have an embassy to begin construction of a wonder.
  • While the embassy is upgrading, the embassy remains fully functional and can still be used for donations as well as switching which wonder is under construction.
  • In order to begin construction of level 2 wonder tasks, the emperor must have a level 2 embassy.  However, players can still contribute to level 2 wonder tasks with a level 1 embassy.

Level Health Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 5,000 Health 15,000 Stones 2d Age 5
2 7,000 Health 200,000 Stones 5d Age 7

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