Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"Most sieges were broken by the arrival of relief troops. Castle defenders used many ingenious techniques to send for help."


  • The Watch Signal summons relief force troops to defend your castle. It sends up the signal fire when enemies are in range.
  • The Watch Signal is an Age 4 building that will allow other alliance members to donate soldiers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Destroy the opponent's watch signal prior to the call in reinforcements.

Defensive Strategy

  • The watch signal will only activate if alliance members have donated troops to it. If not, it is useless.
  • Cavalry, Mamluks, and Knight Templars are widely regarded as the best troops for watch signals, due to their fast speed, high attack, and ability to clear out units. Raiders of Muscovy are also relatively strong, but since they are only effective against siege weapons, are not as strong.


Level Health Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Number of Squads Troop Capacity Age Required
1 3,500 Health 6,000 Wood 15h 1 4 Age 4
2 4,200 Health 10,000 Wood 15h 1 7 Age 4
3 5,040 Health 32,000 Wood 1d 1 10 Age 5
4 5,795 Health 100,000 Wood 2d 2 12 Age 6
5 6,665 Health 220,000 Wood 2d 2 14 Age 6
6 7,665 Health 500,000 Wood 3d 12h 3 16 Age 7
7 8,815 Health 900.000 Wood 5d 3 18 Age 8
8 10,135 Health 2,500,000 Wood 7d 4 20 Age 9
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