"Wall: The walls guarding the land approaches to Constantinople withstood intermittent assault over a period of a thousand years."

    "Gate: The portcullis, a common type of gate, was a heavy metal grid raised by a winch. The narrow passage beyond kept breaching troops vulnerable to attack."


    • Build walls to block enemy access to your castle. Walls are hard to knock down without siege weapons, so set up towers to fortify and defend them.
    • Gates allow roads to pass through walls keeping trade routes connected. When a road is on either side of a wall piece, it can be converted into a gate. Increase your wealth by building roads while protecting the castle with gates.
    • Walls protect your castle from rushes with foot soldiers and mounted units. They are built and upgraded instantly, but a free worker is needed. They can be converted into a gate, if a road ends on either side.
    • High health.
    • Protects inside of castle.
    • Vulnerable to siege weapons

    Offensive Strategy

    Defensive Strategy

    • Place walls around your castle, specifically near important buildings.

    Icon Descriptions

    Gate to wall Tapping this icon changes the gate to a wall.

    Wall to gate Tapping this icon changes the wall to a gate.

    Level Health Upgrade Cost Required Age
    1 4,000 Health 100 Wood Age03
    2 4,800 Health 200 Wood Age03
    3 5,760 Health 300 Stone Age04
    4 6,912 Health 600 Stone Age05
    5 8,294 Health 1250 Stone Age05
    6 9,953 Health 3,000 Stone Age06
    7 11,446 Health 7,500 Stone Age06
    8 13,163 Health 12,500 Stone Age07
    9 15,138 Health 16,000 Stone Age08
    10 17,400 Health 22,500 Stone Age08
    11 20,010 Health 42,500 Stone Age09

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