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Britons1 Infantry level06 Longbowmen level05
Heroes Common Units Cultural Units

  • Heroes are the most powerful units in the game.
  • Common Units are varied, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cultural Units are special units that each civilization has.

Heroes Richard the LionheartHenry VEdward the Black PrinceBelisariusJohn KourkouasNikephoros II PhokasCharles MartelCharlemagneJoan of ArcSviatoslav I of KievRurikAlexander NevskyTariq ibn ZiyadMaslama ibn Abd al-MalikSaladinHermann von SalzaConrad the ElderWinrich von Kniprode
Common Units SpearmanInfantryRaiderLadder InvaderCrossbowmanArcherCavalryGrenadierBattering RamSiege TowerOnagerTrebuchet
Cultural Units LongbowmanCheirosiphonKnight TemplarRaiders of MuscovyMamlukTeutonic Knight
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