File:TrebuchetEmplacement01 Britons.jpg
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General Assessment


  • Huge range.
  • Huge attack damage.
  • Excellent for destroying enemy siege weapons.


  • Slow firing, meaning troops can move out of the way.
  • Cannot attack units at its base.



  • Trebuchet emplacements cannot be used in attack refer to Trebuchets.


  • Possibly the most powerful defense structure. Trebuchets cover a large portion of your base, put them near the keep in the center for maximum radius of attack, and keep them well protected by walls and other defenses. A particular threat is Saladin's Launch attack. He should not be able to come close easily to the TE.


Level Health Attack Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time
1 3,900 2,600 160,000 wood 3d
2 4,680 3,380 525,000 wood 5d 6h
3 wood
4 wood
5 wood
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