"The most powerful weapon of the Middle Ages that did not rely on gunpowder, trebuchets launched massive projectiles using centrifugal forces."


  • The trebuchet emplacement launches a huge projectile that deals massive damage to single targets but takes time to reload. Its long range and high damage make it excellent for destroying siege weapons and other large units.
  • The Trebuchet Emplacement is a long-ranged structure that does massive damage in a small area.
  • Trebuchet emplacements cannot be used in attack refer to Trebuchets.
  • Huge range.
  • Huge attack damage.
  • Excellent for destroying enemy siege weapons.
  • Slow firing and slow projectile speed, meaning troops can move out of the way.
  • Cannot attack units at its base.
  • Small area-of-effect damage radius (less than 1/2 of a tile)

Offensive Strategy

  • Ladder Invaders do bonus damage against Trebuchet Emplacements.

Defensive Strategy

  • Possibly the most powerful defense structure.
  • Trebuchets cover a large radius; put them near the keep or center of your base to defend the largest area and greatest portion of your structures.
  • Keep them well defended with walls and other defenses.
  • A particular threat is Saladin's Launch attack, do not allow him to get close to your Trebuchet Emplacement.
Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 3,900 Health 1,810 DPS 362 DPS 160,000 Wood 3d Age06
2 4,680 Health 3,380 DPS 537 DPS 525,000 Wood 5d 6h Age07
3 5,616 Health 4,056 DPS 808 DPS 800,000 Wood 7d 12h Age08


6,739 Health 4,876 DPS 969 DPS 2,500,000 Wood 10d Age09

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