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|5,773 {{Res|RES = Damage}}
|5,773 {{Res|RES = Damage}}
|<span style="font-weight:normal;white-space:nowrap;">1,900 </span>{{Res|RES=Damage}}
|<span style="font-weight:normal;white-space:nowrap;">1,900 </span>{{Res|RES=Damage}}
|400 {{Res|RES=Food}}
|<span style="font-weight:normal;white-space:nowrap;">3,000,000 </span>{{Res|RES=Wood}}
|<span style="font-weight:normal;white-space:nowrap;">3,000,000 </span>{{Res|RES=Wood}}

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"The pinnacle of mechanical siege craft, the trebuchet used a counterweight to propel rocks at defensive fortifications."


  • Trebuchets have a damage bonus against walls. They have a long range but are very slow moving and need to be protected by other units.
  • Trebuchets are long-ranged siege units, unlocked from the Level 4 Siege Workshop.
  • Bonus damage against walls.
  • Good against towers.
  • Excellent range.
  • Very slow moving.
  • Will always need protecting.
  • Takes 5 Camp space.
  • Easily destroyed by Engineer Trap and Grenadier.
  • The Engineer Trap can do a lot of damage to Trebuchets especially because of the Trebuchet's movement speed.
  • Trebuchets outrange the Flame Tower and the Crossbow Tower but the Ballista Tower and the Catapult Emplacement are a good defense due to their range.
  • Very small Area-of-Effect radius (less than half a tile).

Offensive Strategy

  • Deploy Trebuchets to make holes in enemy walls and to destroy towers. They are best used with a distraction unit such as infantry to draw fire away from the Trebuchet.
  • Keep away from Raiders of Muscovy, as they will ignite and easily destroy trebuchets.

Defensive Strategy

  • Trebuchets CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Siege Workshop Level Required
1 3,500 Health 2,800 DPS 921 DPS 175 Food 280s N/A N/A 4
2 4,200 Health 3,360 DPS 1,105 DPS 200 Food 280s 125,000 Wood 2d 4
3 5,040 Health 4,032 DPS 1,327 DPS 250 Food 300s 400,000 Wood 3d 12h 5
4 5,800 Health 4,637 DPS 1,526 DPS 300 Food 320s 725,000 Wood 5d 6
5 7,618 Health 5,022 DPS 1,653 DPS 300 Food 340s 1,750,000 Wood 7d 7
6 9,523 Health 5,773 DPS 1,900 DPS 400 Food 360s 3,000,000 Wood 10d 8

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