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Army Camps

This is by far the bit of advise I have to give most often! Army camps do not show up in battles, there is no need to protect them. Place them outside of your walls, out of your way.

Building construction & Upgrading

Buildings that are under construction do not function as they do when they are not building or upgrading. Towers, emplacements, and traps will not defend your castle if under attack. Production buildings will not produce while constructing. However, storage buildings will still store your resources while constructing.

Peace Treaties

Currently you are given a peace treaty any time someone attacks your castle. If it was a failed attack you normally get in the hour range. I'm not sure of all the details of the peace treaties but you get a longer peace treaty depending on the amount of stars gained in the attack on your castle. I've seen as little as 9 hours and up to 14 hours. You can not be attacked or revenged during a peace treaty. Attacking or revenging someone when you have a peace treaty will end it.


Fire traps, caltrops,and engineer traps, do not appear in battles or replays until the trap is tripped. They also do not appear when visiting to view another players castle. Traps may be placed on roads and decorations.

Building a gate

To transform a wall into a gate, you must have a road piece on both sides of the wall piece.

Joining or being invited to an alliance

If you are currently in an alliance, you must first leave your current alliance before you can join or be invited to another!

Watch Signal

You must be in an alliance in order to get troops placed in your watch signal. You CANNOT fill it yourself, an alliance member must fill it for you!

Missing road pieces

If you place a wall piece on top of your road in order to make a gate. that road piece will be placed back in your build queue.

If you first move the piece of road before placing the wall piece it will not disappear in to your queue.

How do I know what civilization I am attacking?

Look at the banners or flags on the keep. There you will see the color of civilization pennant in which you are attacking.

Star System

There are three possible stars to gain during a battle. One star is earned for destroying the keep, another is earned for destroying 50% of all buildings (walls NOT included), and the third for destroying 100% of all buildings (again walls NOT included).

You only need to gain one star to win the battle. For example if you destroy only the keep, it is a one star win. If you destroy 50% of all buildings it is a one star win. If the keep was part of the 50% destroyed it would be a two star win.

Changing civilizations

You may change your civilization at any time. It will cost you 500 gold. When you change your civilization, all of your progress stays the same. The look of your castle will change as well as the type of pennants you now produce. Changing civs. will also unlock the 1st hero of that civ., if it has not already been unlocked!

Changing your Gamertag

To change the name given to you for this game, you must log in to Xboxlive, and edit your gamertag. They allow you to change your gamertag once for free. The name you choose for your gamertag will be the name that shows up in the castle siege game. Link to change your Gamertag

Alliance member status

There are 3 statuses in an alliance, Emperor, Lord, and Noble

Emperor: In charge of the alliance, can kick members out of an alliance and promote nobles to lords. also may promote members to emperor, but by doing so he forfeits his emperor status. If you create and alliance your status is automatically the emperor.

The emperor can invite members to join the alliance, as well as change the alliance description. An emperor can change wether the alliance is an anyone can join alliance or and invite only alliance. Also the emperor can change and choose the shield of the alliance!

Lord: Lords have the ability to invite members to an alliance. They may also kick members out of an alliance.

Noble: Everyone is a noble when they join an alliance. Nobles have no special perks.

To be promoted in an alliance is completely up to the emperor.

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