Template:Hero Infobox One of the weaker heroes in the game. His special ability Ring of fire can put certain area on fire damaging all the enemy units and buildings in that area. His ability is not very useful as it isn't doing much damage to the buildings so it cannot be used to create a hole into enemy's defence. Fire is sort of effective against units, however there are better heroes that deal with defending units more effectively (f.e. Joan of Arc)

He can be upgraded in Hall of Heroes

General Assessment


  • Archer
  • Fires poop at enemies from a poop rifle.
  • In early ages, Field of Fire is a good way to take out defending troops.


  • Field of Fire is such a weak ability, even at a high level.



  • Lure the defending units into one place - let them attack some of your units, f.e. Infantry or Teutonic knight. When they are all in one place, use the Ring of fire. Stay in the fire and wait for enemy units to die
  • You can use the fire on resource buildings but don't expect much damage


  • Heros cannot be used in defense.


Level Health DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time
1 5280 113 20m  pennants* Instantaneously
2 7500 131 1h 30m 1,250 pennants 12h
3 9,000 147 4h 30m  4,500 pennants 1d
4 10,350 169 6h 7,500 pennants 2d

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.

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