"Stone walls were expensive and time-consuming to build, but worth the cost when guarding valuable locations."


  • Storehouses hold the stone you produce. Keep your storehouses well protected from invading armies. Upgrade them to increase your stone storage capacity.

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

  • Storehouses should be protected by defensive structures because destroying one will get a lot of stone.
  • It is wise to have them behind walls instead of outside them.
Level Health Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Storage Capacity Required Age
1 2,200 Health 1h 30m 2,500 Wood 6,000 Stone Age03
2 2,860 Health 6h 8,000 Wood 17,500 Stone Age04
3 3,360 Health 12h 27,500 Wood 50,000 Stone Age05
4 6,048 Health 1d 50,000 Wood 120,000 Stone Age06
5 9,384 Health 2d 150,000 Wood 180,000 Stone Age07
6 10,560 Health 3d 500,000 Wood 240,000 Stone Age08
7 13,366 Health 4d 1,500,000 Wood 800,000 Stone Age09

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