"The rise in importance of mounted warriors in the Middle Ages created demand for large numbers of horses, which were bred and maintained at the stable."


  • The stable unlocks and upgrades cavalry. Well-placed cavalry can devastate enemy troops.

Level Health Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Require
1 3,042 Health 20,000 Food 1d 6h Age05
2 3,500 Health 90,000 Food 2d 18h Age06
3 4,025 Health 275,000 Food 4d 12h Age07
4 4,500 Health 500,000 Food 6d 12h Age08
5 5,040 Health 1,400,000 Food 8d Age09

Troop type Stable Level
1 2 3 4 5
Heavy cavalry level06Cavalry 1,2 3 4,5 6 7

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