Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"Spearman (Level 1-2): Spears were hunter/gatherer weapons that came early to the battlefield. They're basic but effective against most troops."

"Pikeman (Level 3-5): As mounted heavily armored troops came into more common use spears grew longer and became pikes designed to help dismount enemy cavalry."

"Halberdier (Level 6-9): Halberds were large battle axe like weapons. They had thrusting points, cutting blades and a hook that could be used to dismount enemy knights."


  • Spearmen are basic melee soldiers, unlocked from the Level 1 Barracks.
  • Spearmen are also known as Pikemen or Halberdiers depending on the upgrade level.
  • Spearmen have a damage bonus against cavalry. Deploy spearmen to protect vulnerable troops such as archers and siege weapons from mounted troops.
  • Bonus against cavalry.
  • Too slow to make a difference, can be traded out for Grenadiers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Drop them right on top advancing Mamluks!
  • Drop them in a corner to draw out cavalry, while Belisarius tunnels under a wall (works with other troops).
  • Place in front of other advancing troops to mediate cavalry on your main attack.

Note: From Age 7 Grenadier is better against Cavalry (and against Knight Templar and against Mamluk)

Defensive Strategy

  • Station in spots you want to defend from cavalry.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Barracks Level Required
1 298 Health 12 Damage 12 Damage 10 Food 30s N/A N/A 1
2 380 Health 15 Damage 15 Damage 20 Food 40s 1,250 Food 1h 2
3 505 Health 19 Damage 19 Damage 30 Food 50s 2,750 Food 3h 3
4 657 Health 24 Damage 24 Damage 35 Food 60s 8,000 Food 10h 4
5 788 Health 28 Damage 28 Damage 50 Food 70s 100,000 Food 2d 6
6 946 Health 31 Damage 31 Damage 60 Food 75s 350,000 Food 3d 12h 7
7 1,135 Health 36 Damage 36 Damage 70 Food 80s 700,000 Food 5d 8
8 1,365 Health 41 Damage 41 Damage 80 Food 85s 1,500,000 Food 7d 9
9 1,570 Health 45 Damage 45 Damage 90s 2,500,000 Food 10d 10

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