Template:Unit Infobox Siege Tower are siege units, unlocked from the Level ? Siege Workshop. They take up 2 army camp space. The preferred target of Siege Tower is Walls and they make a platform over which infantry can move over the wall.

Siege Tower are units that should not be used, because it is very easy to knock down the wall and enter the castle that way.

General Assessment


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Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Siege Workshop
1 0 food sec wood d h m
2 0 food sec wood d h m
3 6,630 0 80 food 130 sec wood d h m 4
4 9,338 0 food 150 sec 350,000 wood 3d 12h 5
5 food sec wood d h m
6 food sec wood d h m
? food sec wood d h m
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