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"An early siege weapon improved upon in the medieval era, siege towers provided a vantage from which to attack fortifications."


  • Siege towers attach themselves to walls to allow friendly troops to circumvent them. Deploy siege towers to unprotected sections of walls to prolong their use.
  • Siege Tower are siege units, unlocked from the Level 2 Siege Workshop.
  • They make a platform over which infantry can move over the wall.

Offensive Strategy

  • Winrich can use siege towers to slip over a wall and rake high value defensive cluster or one major blow to the keep. For this tactic the siege tower must protected at all costs to prevent Winrich been killed while in it.
  • Can be used to set off engineer traps ahead of your other siege units
  • Only will attach to one wall and can't go through

Defensive Strategy

  • Siege Towers CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Training Cost Squads Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Siege Workshop Level Required
1 4,250Health 60 Food 0 120s N/A N/A 2
2 5,525 Health 70 Food 0 120s 7,500 Wood 10h 2
3 6,630 Health 80 Food 0 130s 25,000 Wood 1d 3
4 11,673 Health 120 Food 1 150s 115,000 Wood 2d 5
5 21,015 Health 130 Food 2 170s 700,000 Wood 4d 6
6 Health Food 2 Wood 8

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