"A legendary leader of the Slavic peoples of Russia, Rurik consolidated the peoples of the area into a single group."


  • Rurik can deliver a devastating attack on a single tower or emplacement with his Strike special ability (drag the Ability button onto the desired target).
  • Very fast.
  • Doubles as Ladder Invader
  • Massed towers, especially fire towers and crossbow towers are his weaknesses
  • Wall units blocking his way. (After update 1.10, Rurik can kill wall units with single blow)

Offensive Strategy

  • There are two ways to use Rurik. His primary use should be for trying to destroy emplacements, however he can also deal massive damage to other towers, and even destroy them once his ability has been upgraded.
  • He is one of the more tactical heros to use, so use him carefully. He is also possibly the best level 2 hero.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 7,000 Health 240 DPS 240 DPS 1h 15m Trainning Time 750 Flag k N/A x1 DPS
2 9,100 Health 300 DPS 300 DPS 2h Trainning Time 1,500 Flag k 12h x2 DPS
3 10,920 Health 360 DPS 360 DPS 5h 15m Trainning Time 4,500 Flag k 1d x3 DPS
4 12,558 Health 415  DPS 415 DPS 6h Trainning Time 7,500 Flag k 2d x4 DPS

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