"The Roman roads, built originally for rapid troop deployment, fell into disrepair in medieval times due to a loss of resources and knowledge."


  • Create trade routes by building roads from your keep to the edge of the map. Connected roads earn gold over time. Connect more roads as your castle progresses through the ages to get even more gold.
  • Common issues:
    • Not receiving gold: This occurs if your roads are not properly connected to the keep. Place one end at the edges of the keep where the road begins and the other end at the edges of the map where the road continues off-screen. When placed properly, the roads will become paved and the torches at the edges of the map will be lit. If your roads intersect any walls, make sure to select that section of the wall and select "Convert to Gate" to allow the road to pass through.
    • Pieces of road "disappear": Go to the economy section and build the road again. When a gate is moved around, the underlying road is returned to your build inventory. You need to have a build slot free to build that road again. It is suggested that you use up even the extra roads somewhere in your arrangement so that you do not need that extra slot. One workaround is to leave a gap in the road where a wall will intersect it, converting that particular section of the wall into a gate.

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