"Richard I was a warrior king of England, fighting near constantly from the age of 16, primarily in battles of the Third Crusade."


  • Richard the Lionheart's Inspire special ability temporarily increases the damage and speed of nearby infantry units.
  • Can inspire nearby units to give bonus attack against opponents.
  • Used to inspire units in rush attacks, in combination with Belisarius.
  • Can`t do much damage without heavy infantry.

Offensive Strategy

  • Increase the attack power of the troops in the surrounding
  • Use his ability and enough foot soldiers to rush your opponent`s castle once you are able to drill a hole through the wall into opponents castle.
  • Good with Hermann von Salza.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 5,000 Health 240 DPS 240 DPS 20m Trainning Time 100* Flag br N/A x1 Ability2
2 6,400 Health 300 DPS 300 DPS 1h 30m Trainning Time 1,250 Flag br 12h x2 Ability2
3 8,000 Health 360 DPS 4h 30m Trainning Time 4,500 Flag br 1d x3 Ability2
4 9,200 Health 415 DPS 415 DPS 6h Trainning Time 7,500 Flag br 2d x4 Ability2

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.

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