Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

Richard I was a warrior king of England, fighting near constantly from the age of 16, primarily in battles of the Third Crusade.

Richard the Lionheart's Inspire special ability temporarily increases the damage and speed of nearby infantry units.

Prefered Target Attack Type Attack Speed Movement Speed Range Units per Squad Ability
Towers & Siege Weapons Melee ? ? ? ? Inspire


  • Can inspire nearby units to give bonus attack against opponents
  • Used to inspire units in rush attacks, in combination with Belsarius


  • His health is too low.
  • Can`t do much damage without heavy infantry.

Offensive Strategy

  • Increase the attack power of the troops in the surrounding
  • Use his ability and enough foot soldiers to rush your opponent`s castle once you are able to drill a hole through the wall into opponents castle.

Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 5,000 Template:Health 240 Template:Attack 240 Template:Attack 20m Template:Time 250* Template:PBritons N/A x1 Ability2.png
2 6,400 Template:Health 300 Template:Attack 300 Template:Attack 1h 30m Template:Time 1,250 Template:PBritons 12h x2 Ability2.png
3 8,000 Template:Health 360 Template:Attack 4h 30m Template:Time 4,500 Template:PBritons 1d x3 Ability2.png
4 9,200 Template:Health 415 Template:Attack 415 Template:Attack 6h Template:Time 7,500 Template:PBritons 2d x4 Ability2.png

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.