Template:Unit Infobox The Raiders of Muscovy are the unique soldier of the Kievan Rus. Like all unique units they take up 2 army camp space. The Raiders of Muscovy prefer resource buildings as a target and light buildings on fire with torches.

General Assessment


Clears out resources better than raiders The fire stays on forever until building dies or battle ends. All towers except crossbowtower and flametower


  • Spearman
  • All towers



  • I keep 2 of these in my army. Because they burn buildings they can attack a building for 3 seconds and move on to the next before the building is even 1/4 damaged. If you have a lot of the defenses knocked out or if you are assaulting a keep and have most of their defenses are busy unleash the dogs of war and let them clear out their resources while you keep on clearing that path to the keep. Just remember when using them never assign them to attack a target, always point them in the direction you want, otherwise they stay on the building until its gone.
  • (another player) I have 4 of these in my army,i keep them together and have them attack towers once the tower is occupied killing my other units,then they set the tower on fire,and after that the fire keeps burning until tower dies or battle ends. Or i have them keep attacking the tower until it dies.


  • Being very fast and strong, as well as seeking out siege, it can be used to defend your castle. Use in a lvl 4 guard house.


Level Health Attack DPS Training Costs Training Time

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Time
1 1,300 130 455 80 food 130 sec 500 pennants & 25,000 wood instantaneously
2 1,560 156 100 food 140 sec 1,500 pennants & 87,500 wood 1 day 8 hours
3 1,872 188 120 food 150 sec 4,000 pennants & 375,000 wood 2 days 6 hours
4 2,152 215 160 sec 7,500 pennants & 715,000 wood 3 days 12 hours
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