Pennants are a resource produced by university and cathedral. Pennants are used for researching technology, unlocking heroes and cultural units.

Pennant Pennant Type

Flag br Flag by Flag f Flag k Flag s Flag t
Britons Pennant Byzantines Pennant Franks Pennant Kievan Rus Pennant Saracens Pennant Teutonic Order Pennant

Pennant loot mechanism by way of example:

Total pennant loot is about 30% capped by around 520 with adjustments for age difference and power level difference.

You are going to attack a Saracens with 4000 Flag s, 2000 Flag br, 1000 Flag f pennants. In this case, 511 pennants are available and you loot all of them. Then you will gain 511 Flag s. The Saracens player will lose 511 pennants, but not all Saracens - they'll be lost according to the share of total pennants!

So Saracen loses:

  • 511 * 4000 / 7000 = 292 Flag s
  • 511 * 2000 / 7000 = 146 Flag br
  • 511 * 100 / 7000 = 73 Flag f
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