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Teutonic Order Pennant

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Pennants are a resource produced by research buildings. Pennants are used for researching technology and unlocking heroes and unique units.

Pennant loot mechanism by way of example:

Say you're Briton and you attack a Saracen with 4000 Saracen, 2000 Briton, 1000 Frank pennants.

Total pennant loot is about 30% capped by around 520 with adjustments for crown difference and power level difference. In this case, say 511 pennants are available and you loot all of them. Then you'll gain 511 Saracen Pennants. Saracen player will lose 511 pennants, but not all Saracen - they'll be lost according to the share of total pennants! So Saracen loses:

  • Saracen Pennants = 511 * 4000 / 7000 = 292
  • Briton Pennants = 511 * 2000 / 7000 = 146
  • Frank = 511 * 100 / 7000 = 73-
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British pennant

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, I'm as cold as the cold wind blows

When it snows and it's twenty be-low Ask me why man I just don't know know know know know know know I'm as cold as the cold wind blows blo-blo-blo-blo-blo-blows

Oh oh oh oh oh
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Franks pennant

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