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Pennants are a resource produced by [[university]] and [[cathedral]]. Pennants are used for researching technology, unlocking [[heroes]] and [[Cultural Units|cultural units]].
[[File:Flag_f.png|thumb|Franks pendant]][[File:Flag_k.png|thumb|Kievan Rus pendant]][[File:Flag_s.png|thumb|Saracen pendant]][[File:Flag_t.png|thumb|Teutonic Order Pendant]][[File:Flag_by.png|thumb|Byzantine pendant]]Pennants are a resource produced by research buildings. Pennants are used for researching technology and unlocking heroes and unique units.
[[File:Flag_br.png|thumb|British pendant]]
==[[File:Pennant.png|x36px|link=]] Pennant Type==
{|style="text-align:center; margin:auto;"
|'''[[Britons]] Pennant'''
|'''[[Byzantines]] Pennant'''
|'''[[Franks]] Pennant'''
|'''[[Kievan Rus]] Pennant'''
|'''[[Saracens]] Pennant'''
|'''[[Teutonic Order]] Pennant'''
==Pennant loot mechanism by way of example:==
Total pennant loot is about 30% capped by around 520 with adjustments for age difference and power level difference.
You are going to attack a Saracens with 4000 [[File:Flag_s.png|16px|link=]], 2000 [[File:Flag_br.png|16px|link=]], 1000 [[File:Flag_f.png|16px|link=]] pennants. In this case, 511 pennants are available and you loot all of them. Then you will gain 511 [[File:Flag_s.png|16px|link=]]. The Saracens player will lose 511 pennants, but not all Saracens - they'll be lost according to the share of total pennants!
So Saracen loses:
*511 * 4000 / 7000 = 292 [[File:Flag_s.png|16px|link=]]
*511 * 2000 / 7000 = 146 [[File:Flag_br.png|16px|link=]]
*511 * 1000 / 7000 = 73 [[File:Flag_f.png|16px|link=]]
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