Peace treaties depend on the number of stars that an attacker achieves against you and what percentage of destruction they achieve. During a peace treaty, you can not be attacked or revenged by other players. If you attack (or even look for a battle) you break the peace treaty. So you should not attack during peace treaty.

% of Castle Lost Keep Destroyed Keep NOT Destroyed
0-34% 1 star, 8 hour Peace Treaty 0 star, 1 hour Peace Treaty
35-49% 1 star, 8 hour Peace Treaty 0 star, 3 hour Peace Treaty
50-99% 2 star, 10 hour Peace Treaty 1 star, 8 hour Peace Treaty
100% 3 star, 12 hour Peace Treaty N/A

The duration of peace treaties is effected by researching Diplomacy at the Cathedral.  Below is a breakdown of how long the various treaty lengths are based on the level of your Diplomacy.

No Diplomacy Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
1h 1h 9m 1h 12m 1h 15m 1h 18m
3h 3h 27m 3h 36m 3h 45m 3h 54m
8h 9h 12m 9h 36m 10h 10h 24m
10h 11h 30m 12h 12h 30m 13h
12h 13h 48m 14h 24m 15h 15h 36m
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