"Armed soldiers patrolled the streets of medieval castles and cities to help keep the peace."


  • Set troops in patrol points to guard your castle. Attackers can see what is stationed in a patrol point. You can set troops to attack immediately or wait until the enemy is close. Troops are automatically replenished after battle.
  • The Patrol Point is a building that allows you to station soldiers inside your city. Some soldiers such as the Raider are not available to be stationed.
  • Cultural units such as the Cheirosiphon require a level two Patrol Point to station. Soldiers garrisoned at the Patrol Point can be order to hold ground until enemies come near or attack as soon as the enemy's soldiers are deployed.

Offensive Strategy

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Defensive Strategy

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Level Squad Capacity Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 1 Template:Army Camp Space 1,250 Wood 30m Age02
2 2 Template:Army Camp Space   2,500 Wood 1h 15m Age03

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