Template:Unit Infobox Onagers are basic siege units, unlocked from the Level 2 Siege Workshop. They take up 3 army camp space. Onagers have no preferred target. Onager shots do area-of-effect damage. Onagers are also known as Catapults depending on the upgrade level.

General Assessment


  • Area of effect damage.


  • Slow
  • Very less hit points in comparison to trebs.



  • Target a wall outside the range of a tower and one can take down one or two surrounding buildings or defense without taking any damage.
  • Usually not used when compared to trebs but can be used, maybe one, at the end of the battle to inflict some strategic damage and earn the cool double star.


  • xxx


Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Siege Workshop
1 Onager 2,400 280 70 food 180 sec free instantaneously 2
2 Onager 3,120 364 80 food 180 sec 11,000 wood 10h 2
3 Onager 4,056 473 120 food 195 sec 40,000 wood 1d 3
4 Catapult 4,865 568 food 210 sec 100,000 wood 2d 4
5 Catapult 5,838 681 food 225 sec 400,000 wood 3d 12h 5
6 Catapult food sec wood d h m 6
? food sec wood d h m
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