"Onager (Level 1-3): These early catapults were based on ancient Roman technology, they used tensioned rope that when released launched stones at enemy fortifications."

"Catapult (Level 4-5): Catapults were increasingly important as a weapon to destroy castle fortifications as castles became bigger and stronger."

"Mangonel (Level 6-8): Mangonels were similar to trebuchets in that they used counter weights rather than tensioned rope to trigger the launch of projectiles."


  • Onagers have a damage bonus against towers and their shots do area-of-effect damage. Onagers are vulnerable to ballistae and trebuchet emplacements.
  • Onagers are basic siege units, unlocked from the Level 2 Siege Workshop.
  • Onagers are also known as Catapults or Mangonel depending on the upgrade level.
  • Area of effect damage.
  • Can defend itself from defending units,unlike trebuchet.
  • Fast enough to accompany teutonic knights.
  • Virtually invincible to catapult emplacements.
  • Does extra damage to towers.
  • Slow, vulnerable to engineer traps, and trebs.
  • Low damage early on in the game.
  • Can be used to expose fire traps.

Offensive Strategy

  • Target a wall outside the range of a tower and one can take down one or two surrounding buildings or defense without taking any damage.
  • Usually not used when compared to trebuchets but can be used, maybe one, at the end of the battle to inflict some strategic damage and earn 2 stars.
  • Siege rush with Conrad the Elder is still good in Age VII: 2 trebuchets + 2 rams + 5 onagers + protecting units like mamluks
  • Keep away from archer towers!
  • Keep away from trebuchet emplacement!

Defensive Strategy

  • Onagers CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Siege Workshop Level Required
1 2,400 Health 280 DPS 92 DPS 70 Food 180s N/A N/A 2
2 3,120 Health 364 DPS 119 DPS 80 Food 180s 11,000 Wood 10h 2
3 4,056 Health 473 DPS 155 DPS 120 Food 195s 40,000 Wood 1d 3
4 4,865 Health 568 DPS 186 DPS 150 Food 210s 100,000 Wood 2d 4
5 5,838 Health 681 DPS 224 DPS 200 Food 225s 400,000 Wood 3d 12h 5
6 6,715 Health 784 DPS 258 DPS 240 Food 240s 725,000 Wood 5d 6
7 7,722 Health 899 DPS 296 DPS  270 Food 255s 1,750,000 Wood 7d 7
8 8,494 Health 990 DPS 326 DPS Food 270s 3,000,000 Wood 10d 8

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