"Nikephoros was a general, and later an emperor, who continued the Byzantine resurgence against the Arab expansion in the tenth century."


  • Nikephoros's special ability, Rapid Barrage, increases the rate of fire of his trebuchet and nearby trebuchets for a short time.
  • Good HP for a trebuchet unit, slightly more than Saladin.
  • Engineer Trap, Ballista Tower and Trebuchet Emplacement are his weaknesses

Offensive Strategy

  • His Rapid Barrage ability applies to all other trebuchet units in the range, best combination is with Conrad the Elder to give him speed & protection to reach and take down the castle quickly
  • For a proper attack, deadly combination with an upgraded level 3 Henry as his rapid barrage can take out three defense structure within 30 seconds.
  • Can be used to save 10 slots of the army by using him in combination with Saladin.
  • Nikephoros is basically a buffed up Trebuchet and is very useful with or without using his ability. He is best used during an attack to quickly take out a defensive structure using Rapid Barrage.
  • Alternatively he can be used to attack another part of the base away from your main focus of attack as he is capable of holding his own with minimal supporting units. He can then be used to loot resources on the other side of the base.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 15,000 Health 3,600 DPS 1,184 DPS 6h Trainning Time 3,500 Flag by N/A x1 Ability2
2 17,250 Health 4,500 DPS 1,481 DPS 7h Trainning Time 7,500 Flag by 2d x2 Ability2

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