"Advancements in gunpowder technology paved the way for more advanced firearms."


  • The musket tower has two attack modes:
    • It can concentrate fire on a single target at long range, doing high damage
    • It can fire at all targets within a much shorter range for less damage.
  • The Musket Tower is defensive structure added in early March 2015. It is unique among towers for its ability to switch attack type. It can be either short ranged, attacking all nearby foes, or long ranged, attacking single targets at for high damage.
  • Can attack all nearby units when set to short range (effective for protecting long ranged towers like Trebuchet Emplacement and Ballista/Cannon Tower)
  • Can do massive damages to siege units when set to long range (most effective for taking down siege units).
  • When set to long range, it cannot attack units at its base.

Offensive Strategy

  • It is hard to determine what setting a Musket Tower is set to until it begins firing, so be careful.
  • Short-ranged Musket Towers can be destroyed by siege weapons.
  • Long-ranged Musket Towers can be handled with groups of massed units such as Infantry.

Defensive Strategy

  • Set it in short range to protect long range units
  • Set it to long range to destroy siege units effectively.

Icon Descriptions

Tower mode 2 Tapping this icon changes the attack mode to attack single units at long range for high damage.

Tower mode 1 Tapping this icon changes the attack mode to attack all units at short range for lower damage.

Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Age
1 20,000 Health DPS 1,031 DPS/ 187 DPS 950,000 Stone 8d Age09
2 25,000 Health DPS 1,237 DPS/ 234 DPS 1,400,000 Stone 10d Age09
3 28,750 Health DPS 1,361 DPS/ DPS 1,600,000 Stone 12d Age10

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