"The great forests of medieval Europe were an important natural resource that was converted into lumber for building and firewood for fuel."


  • Mills produce wood for your empire. Collect the wood from your mills as they fill up so that the resource is available to upgrade your castle. Use wood to upgrade siege weapons and unique units and to build structures.

Defensive Strategy

  • Place inside walls.
Level Health Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Production Rate Storage Capacity Time to Fill Catch-Up Point* Required Age
1 750 Health


125 Food 125 Wood/h 500 Wood 4h N/A Age01
2 1,250 Health 2m 200 Food 150 Wood/h 600 Wood 4h 10m Age01
3 1,750 Health 1h 800 Food 200 Wood/h 1,600 Wood 8h 3h Age02
4 2,120 Health 3h 2,000 Food 250 Wood/h 2,000 Wood 8h 12h Age03
5 2,650 Health 10h 6,000 Food 300 Wood/h 3,000 Wood 10h 2d 2h Age04
6 3,000 Health 16h 20,000 Food 425 Wood/h 6,400 Wood 15h 4m 1d 14h 24m Age05
7 3,450 Health 1d 50,000 Food 580 Wood/h 10,000 Wood 18h 11m 3d 9h 36m Age06
8 3,880 Health 1d 18h 120,000 Food 800 Wood/h 20,000 Wood 1d 3h 58m 5d 20h Age07
9 4,365 Health 2d 12h 400,000 Food 1,000 Wood/h 30,000 Wood 1d 6h 6d 6h 32m Age08
10 5,020 Health 3d 12h 900,000 Food 1,400 Wood/h 50,000 Wood 1d 11h 43m 8d 18h Age09
11 5,775 Health 4d 22h 1,400,000 Food 1,960 Wood/h 80,000 Wood 1d 16h 49m 14d 23h 8m Age09
  • The Catch-Up Point is the time at which the newly upgraded mill has equaled the total production of the mill had it not been upgraded - this does not consider recovering the cost of the Food required to perform the upgrade.

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