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General Assessment


  • Taking out building from range.
  • Protecting your other units.


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  • Maslama is best used to cover your other units with his smoke ability. This protects units from towers exept Flame towers, and ranged units exept Cheirosiphons for a short period of time, however once he is upgraded to level 3 he can use it 3 times.
  • Use him in combination with Trebuchets and distraction units for a strong push against enemy defenses.


  • Heros cannot be used in defense.


Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time
1 4,800 260 1h 15m  750 pennants Instantaneously
2 6,000 300 2h 1,500 pennants 12h
3 7200 340 5h 15m  4,500 pennants 1d
4 8280 391 156 6h 7,500 pennants 2d
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