A cast of Islamic warriors whose prowess on the battlefield won them land and political power in expanding sultanates.

Mamluks are the greatly feared cavalry unit of the Saracens. Mamluks are very fast and do a lot of damage at range by throwing swords. Deploy them against enemy defenses or troops.


  • It has the lowest stats of all cavalry units but it has a ranged attack.
  • Fastest unit of the game.
  • Ranged attack.
  • Mamluk can be killed easily by pikemans.

Offensive Strategy

  • Possibly the best unit for picking off buildings around the map due to high speed and a ranged attack. Mamluks are perhaps best used to skirmish at the beginning of a battle, killing defense units and buildings.
  • They also make excellent siege weapon defenders.
  • Mamluks are good in destroying emplacemets. Make a way for them to the emplacements and they will destroy and come back within seconds
  • Always hit and run with mamluks.
  • Don't use mamaluks to destroy towers.

Defensive Strategy

  • Good in defense for high speed and attack. Very useful to take out Trebuchets the later the battle goes.
  • Keep in mind that aggressive stance Mamluk defenders are easily picked off by Pikemen at the start of a battle.
  • In the maze spawn-block style castle probably the best guard house choice due to their seriously fast speed.

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