Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

Template:Unit Infobox The Mamluk is the unique unit of the Saracens. It has the lowest stats of all cavalry units but it has a ranged attack. Like all unique units they take up 2 army camp space. The Mamluk has no preferred target.

General Assessment


  • Speed.
  • Ranged attack.




  • Possibly the best unit for picking off buildings around the map due to high speed and a ranged attack. Mamluks are perhaps best used to skirmish at the beginning of a battle, killing defense units and buildings.
  • They also make excellent siege weapon defenders.
  • Mamluks are also ideal for running in quickly and destroying emplacements.
  • Always hit and run with mamluks.


  • Good in defense for high speed and attack. Very useful to take out Trebuchets the later the battle goes.
  • Keep in mind that aggressive stance Mamluk defenders are easily picked off by Pikemen at the start of a battle.


Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Time
1 1,100 110 80 food 130 sec 500 pennants & 25,000 wood instantaneously
2 1,300 132 100 food 140 sec 1,500 pennants & 87,500 wood 1 day 8 hours
3 1,560 156 150 sec 4,000 pennants & 375,000 wood 2 days 6 hours