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Template:Unit Infobox The Longbowman is the unique unit of the Britons. It has the longest range of any soldier. Like all unique units they take up 2 army camp space. The Longbowmen has no preferred target.

General Assessment


  • Long range.
  • Splash damage.




  • Very deadly troops if used correctly. Use longbows to pick of buildings outside of the range of towers. Longbows are also ideal for protecting Tebuchets and siege weapons.


  • Longbows are best used in defense by walling them in. This is where their range excels and also does not allow them to wander out into the field to be met by cavalry.


Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Time
1 290 54 40 food 65 sec 500 pennants instantaneously
2 348 65 50 food 70 sec 1,500 pennants & 87,500 wood 1 day 8 hours
3 418 78 75 sec 4,000 pennants & 375,000 wood 2 days 6 hours