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"Longbowmen have the longest range of any troop. They do area-of-effect damage to their targets, making them excellent against bunched units. Protect longbowmen with heavy infantry or other units."


  • The 6-foot longbow favored by the English in the 100 Years' War was similar but superior to most other bows of the period.
  • It has the longest range of any soldier.
  • Splash damage.
  • Slow moving.
  • Fires a steady rain of arrows
  • Catapult Emplacement, Trebuchet Emplacement and Ballista Towers are the weaknesses of the Longbowman.

Offensive Strategy

  • Very deadly troops if used correctly. Use longbows to pick on buildings outside of the range of towers. Longbows are also ideal for protecting Trebuchets and siege weapons.
  • Extremely high damage if used as a bunched unit, benefit graciously from cover.

Defensive Strategy

  • Longbowmen are best used in defense by walling them in. This is where their range excels and also does not allow them to wander out into the field to be met by cavalry.


  • Longbowmen do reduced damage against walls (Patch 1.3)
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Cultural Barracks Level Required
1 290 Health 54 Damage 16 Damage 40 Food 65s 500 Britons N/A 1
2 348 Health 65 Damage 19 Damage 50 Food 70s 1,500 Britons

87,500 Wood

1d 8h 2
3 418 Health 78 Damage 23 Damage 60 Food 75s 4,000 Britons

375,000 Wood

2d 6h 3
4 480 Health 90 Damage 26 Damage 70 Food 80s 7,500 Britons

715,000 Wood

3d 12h 4
5 552 Health 108? Damage 31 Damage 80 Food 85s 15,000 Britons

1,500,000 Wood

4d 5

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