"As combat became more static and defensive, specialized tools for bypassing defensive fortifications were invented and deployed."


  • Ladder invaders can circumvent enemy walls. They have a damage bonus against catapult and trebuchet emplacements. Use them to eliminate these threats to your army.
  • Ladder Invaders (also called Laddermen) are basic melee soldiers, unlocked from the Level 3 Barracks.
  • Ladder Invaders are the only unit able to circumvent walls without the use of siege towers.
  • Ladder Invaders swiftly destroy emplacements, which can't attack soldiers adjacent to them.
  • Fast unit
  • Bonus damage against emplacements
  • Climb over walls
  • Defensive structures that can fire at close range, such as a Crossbow Tower, are strong against Laddermen.
  • The Ballista Tower's and Trebuchet Emplacement's high damage is very dangerous to Ladder Invaders.
  • Ladder Invaders suffer against other foot soldiers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Best when towers are distracted and they have a clear route for emplacement.

Defensive Strategy

  • Ladder Invaders CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Barracks Level Required
1 250 Template:Health 16 Template:Attack 16 Template:Attack 30 Template:Food 50s N/A N/A 3
2 325 Template:Health 20 Template:Attack 20 Template:Attack 35 Template:Food 60s 11,000 Template:Food 10h 4
3 425 Template:Health 24 Template:Attack 24 Template:Attack 40 Template:Food 65s 30,000 Template:Food 1d 5
4 550 Template:Health 30 Template:Attack 30 Template:Attack 50 Template:Food 70s 125,000 Template:Food 2d 6
5 715 Template:Health 36 Template:Attack 36 Template:Attack Template:Food s 400,000 Template:Food 3d 12h 7
6 858 Template:Health 42 Template:Attack 42 Template:Attack 70 Template:Food 80s 750,000 Template:Food 5d 8
7 1,029 Template:Health 48 Template:Attack Template:Attack Template:Food 85s 1,500,000 Template:Food 7d 9

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