Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"An order of elite religious warriors. Highly trained, equipped, and motivated, they were some of the best knights of Europe."


  • Knight Templars are powerful warriors that seek out enemy troops. They use the speed of their mounts to reach the enemy quickly. Deploy Templars to destroy enemy defenders.
  • Damage bonus against towers and walls
  • High health cavalry
  • Slowest cavalry unit.
  • Moderate damage against all buildings and defenses other than towers.
  • Lowest attack per second of all cavalry units.

Offensive Strategy

  • Deadly combination with crossbowman at taking down the towers.
  • Can absorb a lot of damage, so good tank units too.
  • Work well as a bunched unit, as their high health allows them to outlast adversaries, and together, they have relatively high attack.

Defensive Strategy

  • Can prevail at patrol points as their high health allows them to absorb hits from bunched longbowman and take down a few.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Cultural Barracks Level Required
1 1,750 Health 83 Damage 83 Damage 80 Food 130s 500 Franks N/A 1
2 2,100 Health 100 Damage 100 Damage 100 Food 140s 1,500 Franks

87,500 Wood

1d 8h 2
3 2,520 Health 120 Damage 120 Damage 120 Food 150s 4,000 Franks

375,000 Wood

2d 6h 3
4 2,898 Health 138 Damage 138 Damage 140 Food 160s 7,500 Franks

715,000 Wood

3d 12h 4
5 3,333 Health 159 Damage 159 Damage 160 Food 170s 15,000 Franks

1,500,000 Wood

4d 5
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