"John Kourkouas fought tirelessly against the Arab advances of the tenth century, temporarily reversing Byzantine fortunes."


  • John Kourkouas rides a war elephant into battle. His special ability, Terrorize, causes enemies to flee in fear of the giant beast.
  • Highest Health points of the game.
  • Highest attack points for a non-siege unit.
  • Slow moving.
  • Crossbows Towers and Flame Throwers are his weaknesses

Offensive Strategy

  • Clear away the defensive units , he scares them off four times if upgraded to maximum.
  • Can be used to tank against any defense tower or emplacement.
  • Can take down any wall or tower in addition while tanking due to the immense hit points.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 18,000 Health.png DPS.png 360 DPS.png 1h 15m Trainning Time.png 750 Flag by.png N/A x1 DPS.png
2 24,000 Health.png DPS.png 468 DPS.png 2h Trainning Time.png 1,500 Flag by.png 12h x2 DPS.png
3 28,000 Health.png DPS.png 562 DPS.png 5h 15m Trainning Time.png 4,500 Flag by.png 1d x3 DPS.png
4 32,120 Health.png DPS.png 646 DPS.png 6h Trainning Time.png 7,500 Flag by.png 2d x4 DPS.png

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