"A peasant girl who, through divine inspiration, helped drive demoralized French troops to success against the English."


Joan of Arc's Convert special ability causes enemy units in range to switch sides.

  • Can convert multiple enemy units at once, including the relied troops called by Watch Signal, troops deployed by Guard Houses and Patrol Points. She cannot convert walled troops. A single convert can give you up to 9 enemy units.
  • Convert has limited uses, and only converts in a certain range.

Offensive Strategy

  • Joan is used to convert enemy troops. Joan is best used on base's that have powerful units on patrol and in guard houses.
  • Use Joan to distract defending units, draw them into a group and then convert them.
  • To maximize the use of the ability do not destroy guard houses or the Watch signal until Joan has used her 3 (4 at level 2) convert attacks.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 15,000 Health 360 Damage 360 Damage 6h Time 3,500 Franks N/A x3 Ability 1
2 17,250 Health 415 Damage 415Damage 7h Time 7,500 Franks 2d x4 Ability 1

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