Template:Unit Infobox Infantry are basic melee soldiers, unlocked from the Level 1 Barracks. Like all Barracks units they take up 1 army camp space. The preferred target of Infantry are Towers and Siege Weapons. Infantry also take reduced damage from towers.

Infanty are also known as Heavy Infantry at levels 3-5 or Champion at levels 6-7 depending on the upgrade level

General Assessment


  • Fast
  • Reduced Damage from towers




  • The unsung heroes of Castle Siege. Infantry are best used to distract Archer Towers, Emplacements and Ballista Towers. Run them back and forth to draw fire away from other troops and siege weapons. Best deployed with units like Crossbowmen, as they will swallow the blows.
  • Another way is to have them attack the tower,and then units can destroy it. It will deal damage to the tower while also protecting troops. It is good to have hermann von salza with them as well.


  • Infantry are not best used in defense as there are better choices, however their speed and quick training time from a Guard House can make them useful to constantly pressure the attacker.
  • Like the Archer, the Infantry can be stationed on a wall segment once the proper age is reached


Level Health Attack DPS

Training Costs

Training Time

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Time Required Barracks
1 Infantry 380 10 10 10 food 30 sec Free Instantaneously 1
2 Infantry 494 12 12 20 food 40 sec 750 food 1 hour 2
3 Heavy Infantry 642 15 30 food 60 sec 8,000 food 10 hours 4
4 Heavy Infantry 835 18 40 food 65 sec 20,000 food 1d 5
5 Heavy Infantry 1,086 22 50 food 70 sec 75,000 food 2 days 6
6 Champion 1,303 26 60 food 75 sec 350,000 food 3 days 12 hours 7
7 Champion 1,565 30 70 food 80 sec 750,000 food 5d 8
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