Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"Infantry (Level 1-2): Advancements in metalworking in the early 5th century led to armor able to take significant punishment before failing."

"Heavy Infantry (Level 3-5): Improvements in offensive weapons (particularly missile weapons) required increased thickness and a transition to more plate armor from chainmail."

"Champion (Level 6-9): The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries saw the apex of plate armor, culminating in a suit capable of turning aside the bullets of early gunpowder weapons."


  • Infantry take reduced damage from towers. They are best deployed against enemy defenses to provide cover for other troops by absorbing damage.
  • Infantry are basic melee soldiers, unlocked from the Level 1 Barracks.
  • Fast.
  • Reduced Damage from towers.
  • Cavalry and Crossbow towers are his weaknesses.

Offensive Strategy

  • The unsung heroes of Castle Siege. Infantry are best used to distract Archer Towers, Emplacements and Ballista Towers. Run them back and forth to draw fire away from other troops and siege weapons. Best deployed with units like Crossbowmen, as they will swallow the blows.
  • Another way is to have them attack the tower,and then units can destroy it. It will deal damage to the tower while also protecting troops. It is good to have Hermann von Salza with them as well.

Defensive Strategy

  • Infantry are not best used in defense as there are better choices, however their speed and quick training time from a Guard House can make them useful to constantly pressure the attacker.
  • Like the Archer, the Infantry can be stationed on a wall segment once the proper age is reached
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Barracks Level Required
1 380 Health 10 Damage 10 Damage 10 Food 30s N/A N/A 1
2 494 Health 12 Damage 12 Damage 20 Food 40s 750 Food 1h 2
3 642 Health 15 Damage 15 Damage 30 Food 60s 8,000 Food 10h 4
4 835 Health 18 Damage 18 Damage 40 Food 65s 20,000 Food 1d 5
5 1,086 Health 22 Damage 22 Damage 50 Food 70s 75,000 Food 2d 6
6 1,303 Health 26 Damage 26 Damage 60 Food 75s 350,000 Food 3d 12h 7
7 1,565 Health 30 Damage 30 Damage 70 Food 80s 750,000 Food 5d 8
8 1,875 Health 35 Damage 35 Damage 80 Food 85s 1,500,000 Food 7d 9
9 2,156 Health 39 Damage 39 Damage Food 90s 2,500,000 Food 10d 10

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