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Historical Campaign

Sack of Thessalonica


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Mission Thessalonica new version

"In 904, Saracen pirates led by Leo of Tripoli launched a surprise attack against the Byzantine city of Thessalonica. Walls in disrepair and miscommunication between the city's commanders, led to a short, victorious siege for the Saracens."

You command a small Saracen army. Your goal is to destroy the Byzantine keep. You'll want to take out the catapult emplacement early and finish off the keep with your Mamluks.

Reward: 1,000 Wood and 1,000 Food

Capture of Aleppo


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Mission Capture of Aleppo

"In the late tenth century, Byzantine general Nikephoros Phocas led a major offensive against Muslim military power. First driving the Saracens out of Crete in 961, he invaded Syria and besieged Aleppo in 962. The city was razed and left behind after a short siege. Nikephoros later became emperor of the Byzantine Empire."

Your goal as commander of the Byzantines, is to destroy the keep of Aleppo. The battering ram is great at attacking gates!

Reward: 5,000 Wood 5,000 Food, and 3,000 Stones

Siege of Dorostolon


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Dorostolon Mission

"After usurping the throne from his uncle, Nikephoros Phocas, Emperor John I campaigned to retake Byzantine lands from the Kievan Rus. The Siege of Dorostolon in 971 lasted 65 days and saw extensive use of Greek fire. Sviatislov I of Kiev surrendered the city, which the conquering Byzantines renamed Theodoropolis."

Use your hero, Rurik, wisely to change the course of history by winning at Dorostolon with the Kievan Rus.

Reward: 3,000 Wood and 3,000 Food

Siege of Constantinople


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Constantinople Mission

"After Byzantine Emperor Alexios V usurped the throne in 1204, crusaders from the west turned on the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. The siege lasted six days, after which the victorious crusaders sacked the city, terrorizing the populace and stealing many religious relics and works of art."

You control the crusaders attacking the city of Constantinople. Protect your crossbowmen long enough to destroy the keep.

Reward: 4,000 Wood 4,000 Food, and 2,500 Stones

Siege of Kenilworth


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Mission Kenilworth

"The Second Barons' War was an English civil war fought between the forces of Simon de Montfort and the Royalists of Prince Edward. The six-month siege of Kenilworth in 1266, the largest ever in England, saw the deployment of all manner of siege weaponry, from trebuchets to siege towers. The Royalists triumphed by starving the castle."

You are the Britons besieging Kenilworth Castle. You must deal with the many defending troops.

Reward: 7,000 Wood 7,000 Food, and 3,500 Stones

Siege of Acre


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Acre Mission v1.0.3.2546

"Acre, the last major crusader stronghold in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, fell to a Mamluk siege in 1291 led by Al-Ashraf Khalil. The city's fall brought an end to the Jerusalem crusades, as other matters captured the interest of the monarchs of Europe."

You are the commander of the Franks. Without infantry to absorb the blows, you must be careful with your units as they are vulnerable to archer towers and catapult emplacements.

Reward: 10,000 Wood 10,000 Food, and 6,000 Stones

Siege of Calais


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Calais Mission

"The port of Calais along the English Channel proved a strategic location during the 100 Years' War. Edward III of England besieged the city in 1346, but its multiple moats and walls made it difficult to seize, resulting in a year-long siege. Calais remained under English control until 1558."

You are the commander of the Britons. Take out well-defended threats with laddermen to enable your small catapult contingent to destroy Calais from a distance.

Reward: 13,000 Wood 13,000 Food, and 8,000 Stones

Siege of Marienburg


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Marienburg Mission

"Joint Polish-Lithuanian forces invaded Prussia in 1410. After an early decisive victory against the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Grunwald, the invaders advanced on Marienburg. The Polish-Lithuanian forces were unprepared for a long siege and, after two months, were forced to lift the siege due to low morale and ammunition."

You must recapture Malbork Castle. Use your Teutonic Knights to protect your crossbowmen from catapult emplacements.

Reward: 16,000 Wood 16,000 Food, and 10,000 Stones

Siege of Kaunas Castle


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Kaunas Castle Mission

"Teutonic Knights besieged the Lithuanian stronghold of Kaunas Castle in 1362. After three weeks, the knights took the castle, celebrating their victory on Easter Sunday. The castle continued to change hands for decades until the Teutonic Knights suffered defeat at the hands of the Lithuanians in the Battle of Grunwald."

Lead Winrich and his rams through a gauntlet of defenses. Use siege towers to circumvent walls to destroy the ballista towers.

Reward: 20,000 Wood 20,000 Food, and 14,000 Stones

Siege of Orléans


Age of Empires Castle Siege - Orléans Mission

"The site of Joan of Arc's first major military victory, the French defeat of the English at the Siege of Orléans in 1429, turned the tide of the 100 Years' War in France's favor. For months the English appeared to be winning, but less than two weeks after Joan's arrival, the siege was lifted and the English withdrew."

You are the Britons battling against the Franks at Orléans, France. Find a way to break through their anti-siege defenses.

Reward: 40,000 Wood 40,000 Food, and 30,000 Stones

Available Reward Table

Campaign Level Age Required Wood Food Stones
Sack of Thessalonica Age 3 1,000 1,000 -
Capture of Aleppo Age 3 5,000 5,000 3,000
Siege of Dorostolon Age 4 3,000 3,000 -
Siege of Constantinople Age 4 4,000 4,000 2,500
Siege of Kenilworth Age 4 7,000 7,000 3,500
Siege of Acre Age 5 10,000 10,000 6,000
Siege of Calais Age 5 13,000 13,000 8,000
Siege of Marienburg Age 5 16,000 16,000 10,000
Siege of Kaunas Castle Age 6 20,000 20,000 14,000
Siege of Orléans Age 7 40,000 40,000 30,000
Total 119,000 119,000 77,000