"A skilled diplomat and warrior, Hermann von Salza was the fourth Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and conquered Prussia."


  • The Shield Wall special ability confers a defense bonus to nearby troops. They will take less damage for a limited time.
  • Fast

Offensive Strategy

  • Hermann is a support unit that buffs your nearby troops with extra defense, he is best used to prolong the use of distraction infantry units.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 5,000 Health 240 DPS 240 DPS 20m Trainning Time 100* Flag t N/A x1 Ability2
2 8,400 Health 300 DPS 300 DPS 1h 30m Trainning Time 1,250 Flag t 12h x2 Ability2
3 12,800 Health 360 DPS 360 DPS 4h 30m Trainning Time 4,500 Flag t 1d x3 Ability2
4 14,720 Health 415 DPS 415 DPS 6h Trainning Time 7,500 Flag t 2d x4 Ability2

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.

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