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"An English warrior/king, Henry V was in command at the battle of Agincourt, a significant battle of the 100 Years' War."


  • By using his Disable special ability (drag the Ability button onto the desired target), Henry V can disable towers and emplacements except the watch signal) for a short time, causing them to stop firing. After reactivating, they remain at a slower fire rate.

Offensive Strategy

  • Can deactivate defensive towers for 30 seconds
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 4,800 Template:Health 260 Template:Attack 103 Template:Attack 1h 15m Template:Time 750 Template:PBritons N/A x1 Template:Ability1
2 6,000 Template:Health 300 Template:Attack 119 Template:Attack 2h Template:Time 1,500 Template:PBritons 12h x2 Template:Ability1
3 7,200 Template:Health 340 Template:Attack 5h 15m Template:Time 4,500 Template:PBritons 1d x3 Template:Ability1
4 8,280 Template:Health 390 Template:Attack 195 Template:Attack 6h Template:Time 7,500 Template:PBritons 2d x4 Template:Ability1

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