"Guard houses provided a level of safety and security to castles and communities, with armed troops keeping an eye on comings and goings at all hours."


  • Guard houses hold defensive troops. Attackers cannot see what the guard house contains. They can deploy troops immediately or wait until the enemy is in close. Choose troops carefully to surprise the enemy.
  • The guard house is key to repelling attacks in later ages. It can continue to spawn defenders until destroyed. Once you get it to level 4 you can spawn units that require two population slots.
  • Your enemy cannot see what is in the guard house - but can look at prior battle replays to determine what you tend to populate it with.
  • You can set the house to stand ground until the enemy is near, or attack immediately. Immediate attack is best tactic for guard house if you do not want to protect a certain object or area, otherwise, defense will ensure the troops dont move until an enemy troop comes close.

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

  • When a unit has spawned, another unit will start to get produced, but will not exit the guard house until the prior trained unit has been destroyed.
  • Use guard houses to constantly tear away at your opponent's attack, as the troops will continue to respawn and attack.

Level Health Squad Capacity Deploy Time (mounted units) Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 2,250 Health 1 Army Camp Space 90s 3,600 Wood 2h Age03
2 2,925 Health 1 Army Camp Space 80s 6,000 Stone 6h Age04
3 3,500 Health 1 Army Camp Space 70s 20,000 Stone 16h Age05
4 4,025 Health 2 Army Camp Space 60s (90s) 85,000 Stone 1d 8h Age06
5 4,630 Health 2 Army Camp Space 50s (80s) 275,000Stone 2d 8h Age07
6 5,325 Health 2 Army Camp Space 40s (70s) 375,000 Stone 5d Age08
7 5,857 Health 2 Army Camp Space 30s (60s) 1,500,000 Stone 12d Age10

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