Template:Unit Infobox The Grenadier is a siege workshop unit that throws grenades as the name suggests. It has been added in early March 2015. The grenadiers are strong against cavalry and trebuchet, with its favored target Towers and Siege. They will be available from Age 7.

General Assessment


  • Deadly in close combat.
  • Good at taking down towers and wall
  • Damage bonus against cavalry


  • Easily killed by long ranged troops.
  • Infantry, especially Teutonic Knights, if they can reach them.



  • Greandier can swiftly destroy melee troops.
  • Can be used to take down interior walls.


  • Greandier are an excellent choice for the Guard House or the Patrol Point. They can easily take down a bunch of cavalry units and trebuchets.
  • Greandier can be stationed on walls to attack cavalry and trebuchet units.


Level Health Attack DPS Training Costs Training Time

Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Time Required Siege Workshop
1 520 210 62 200 food 170 sec Free Instantaneously 5
2 625 250 74 170 sec 1,500,000 food 7d 7
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