"The Byzantines used pots filled with Greek fire as early as the 8th century. Containers filled with explosives began to appear in Europe around 1467."


  • The Grenadier hurls a small clay pot filled with gunpowder at the enemy. The short range explosion is good at taking down towers and cavalry. Grenadiers may be stationed on walls.
  • The Grenadier is a siege workshop unit that throws grenades as the name suggests.
  • The grenadiers are strong against cavalry and trebuchets
  • They are available from Age 7.
  • Deadly in close combat.
  • Good at taking down towers and walls.
  • Damage bonus against cavalry
  • Easily killed by long ranged troops. (?)
  • Infantry, especially Teutonic Knights, will kill them swiftly. Crossbowman have a bonus against Grenadier.
  • Grenade explosion momentarily stuns and knocks back enemy troops.
  • Will require mild defence later in the game.

Offensive Strategy

  • Grenadier can swiftly destroy melee troops.
  • Can be used to take down interior walls.

Defensive Strategy

  • Grenadier are an excellent choice for the Guard House or the Patrol Point. They can easily take down a bunch of cavalry units and trebuchets.
  • Grenadier can be stationed on walls to attack cavalry and trebuchet units.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Siege Workshop Level Required
1 520 Health 210 DPS 62 DPS 200 Food 170s N/A N/A 5
2 625 Health 250 DPS 74 DPS 200 Food 170s 1,500,000Food 7d 7
3 688 Health DPS 82 DPS Food 190s 2,500,000Food 10d 8

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